I've entered into the world of Children's Book Illustration again. This venture is turning out to be a Great deal of Creative work! It's been a huge struggle, but one I'm very proud to be part of. I wish I could quit my day job, and just work on these for a while. The story takes place in a whimsical forest world, full of different creatures. Below are some of my sketches and final painted images. If this goes well, and we get this done for publication, I will post how to purchase at a later date.

Sketches of first couple of scenes in the book:

Below is a selection of Colored Creatures. These are on wood panel painted with Golden's OPEN Acrylic paints, and finished with some colored pencil.

Mai creature2

Below are the two main character, a young boy and his Grandpa.

Granpa avalon

Below are other works, larger scale, that I finished within the year.

Spirit & Faith, oil on wood panel, 24 x 36+ frame: $700

Chalk it Up

Orphic Wanderers (Felicity & Fritz), Golden OPEN Acrylic on wood panel.
18 x 20+ Frame - $380

Orphic Wanderers

The Masquerade (Lucia) Golden OPEN Acrylic on Wood Panel.
24 x 36+ frame - $700

The Masquerade

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